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Quantum Realism in the Nineties


The drawing defines/illustrates the suggested relations between the electron of the Hydrogen Atom and its associated  system of wave functions. It should be seen as a cross section of the suggested structural relations of this system linking the electron and its wave functions.  


  1. On each energy level there is a potential electronic point.
  2. On energy-level No.1 there is what may be termed a central potential electronic point.
  3. There is a direct relation between the central potential electronic point (on energy-level No.1) and each of the other potential electronic points on all the energy-levels within (and outside) the atom.
  4. Each such direct relation equals a wave function (or a vector).  It equals a light unit representing the energy difference between energy-level No.1 and other specific energy levels.
  5. There are secondary relations linking the different potential electronic points directly with each other (with the exception of the central potential electronic points).  All these relations equal light units moving with velocity c.


Of all atomic spectral line series of the Hydrogen Atom, the Lyman series may be regarded as the basis of this concept which links the central electronic point with its wave functions.

We have noted earlier (point5 - Phase 2 at the Home Page)  how the different spectral line series of the Hydrogen Atom, with the exception of the Lyman series, constitute together the structure of the curved space-time which is the basis of the gravitational field. 

It is suggested here that nature has chosen the Lyman spectral series as a basis for a different function as important as the gravitational.

This different function is the basis of the relation that links the electron with its structure  of wave functions, or in another word, the Lyman spectral series constitute the basis of the structure of the electronic wave functions. This is because the Lyman spectral series link energy level No.1 with all other atomic energy levels, which extend to the whole universe. This constitutes the basis of the picture by which QR represents this relation of the electron with its wave functions.

This drawing represents the totality of these relations in addition to the spectral and gravitational.


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